hello. i am f o l l o w t h e r i v e r. i write songs

sounds cover

in 2015 i've uploaded on youtube my first playlist sounds. a collection of unplugged live covers. i've decided to set the shootings in various natural locations like a wood or the suburbs of my city. then i've performed the songs totally live and unplugged with a couple of friends of mine. i wanted to capture on screen that moment when the real sound of instruments and the real sound of nature were combined together as an unique music. 
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in 2016 i produced my first ep how to rebuild a pounding heart with gabriele pallanca for genova records. it's a sort  of a visual & musical journey into a painful search of the truth after the end of a love story. a long stream of consciousness that bings you to the final point where you can finally understand why things have gone that way. and then you're finally free.
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how to rebuild a pounding heart cover
into this morning mood cover

in 2017 i've produced completely by myself my second ep into this morning mood. i'm a big fan of mountains and the solitude that usually they bring. so i've decided to move in this little house on the mountains for a little while. i've brought with me my little audio interface my ipad and my electric guitar. then i've recorded & mixed these five songs only in the morning hours because i wanted to capture all the mysterious thoughts & reflections that flow out during the morning mood. 
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in 2018 i’ve recorded my third EP blankets & bumblebees in a little house lost above the mountains of valle d’aosta. A bunch of songs recorded with a little team of good friends, stuck somewhere between the alt folk of bon iver and the minimal beats of james blake. songs about myself and my personal connection with my inner me.
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blankets & bumblebees

i'm obsessed with the continuous search of new sounds. new expressions that sound unexpected to me.


 • somewhere between the contemporary folk of bon iver and the electronic minimalism of chet faker •