nocturnal // interlude, the video • a little bit about it

cover photo bu Giulia Spinelli

the official videoclip of nocturnal // interlude was released on september 30th, a week afer the song official release

The idea of this video came out from me and the director Matteo Armanini.
We decided to shoot this video entirely on an iPhone, and complete all the editing process on that device too, using apps such as FilmicPro and Lumafusion.
There was two different shootings: the first one [which actually is the last part of the video] was shooted during the recording sessions of “nocturnal // interlude”.
The shootings were setted in the garden in front in my little house in the mountains, where we recorded the songs.
All the musicians around me just freezed for a moment while the camera of the iphone was rolling, and so did I, but I sang the lyrics anyway, looking directly in front of the camera.

The second part of the shootings actually is the stop motion section. The shootings were setted in my garage, with a few white lights and objects from my house. It was very funny to shoot but also very frustrating.

The video represents the essence of the song, which is the beautiful feeling that I got when I sing my music. After a long working day [the stop motion section] finally I can settle down and write my music or sing my songs.

All the words that surround the first part of the video are a rapresentation of the lyrics that flows in my mind when I’m busy doing something else.

Many thanks to Matteo Armanini and his beautiful work.

Filippo GhiglioneComment