support your local scene on spotify

I have to admit that I’m a lover of the mountains and the winter.
I don’t like very much the sea.
But I love my city and the music that my homies make.

So I’ve decided to create a particular playlist on Spotify and bring all together my musical collegues that come from my city and my region, just like me. So we can help each other by supporting our music and following this playlist

It’s called “support your local music • genova & liguria” and here you can find lots of songs written and performed by musicians form Liguria. There are no “musical genres rules”, everybody can submit this playlisy, which actually is a collaborative one. The playlist will no longer be collaborative from January 2019.

There are two simple rules for being in ths playlist: you have to come from Genova or Liguria and you can’t submit more than one song for musical project. That’s it.

And of course, this playlist is only for original music, no covers or tributes.

Take a listen follow, share and enjoy the music from Liguria.

Filippo GhiglioneComment