city of silences • new song & new video

city of silences post cover

hello everyone.

In this post you can watch the official video of my new song “city of silences”.

here it is.

“city of silences” video on Genova Record’s youtube channel

The video has been kindly uploaded on the youtube channel of Genova Records , the recording studio of Gabriele Pallanca.

The entire video has been directed and shooted by Matteo Armanini, as a [sort of] live session shooted in a long shot.

The video has been shooted and edited entirely on an iphone 8, using some video apps such as FilmicPro and Lumafusion.

city of silences is a song written and composed by f o l l o w t h e r i v e r.
produced by simone meneghelli & f o l l o w t h e r i v e r.
recordings by gabriele pallanca in a little house lost in the mountains.
recorded with adriano arena and marco ferretti.
mixing by gabriele pallanca & simone meneghelli @ Genova Records.
mastering by gianluca patrito @ G-Effect Studio [turin].
video concept & graphics by matteo armanini & f o l l o w t h e r i v e r.