blankets & bumblebees [2018] • NEW EP UNRELEASED private playlist

into this morning mood [2017]

how to rebuild  pounding heart [2016]

video & live sessions.

“nocturnal // interlude” video [2018]

pop up live sessions • “nocturnal // interlude”

moony sessions • city of silences [solo performance]

city of silences • solo live performance @ bangarang festival, genova [italy]

live shows.




i am f o l l o w t h e r i v e r [born as filippo ghiglione in genova, italy] and i write songs.

i’ve started this project at the end of 2014, after the painful ending of a love story [what a cliché, isn’t it?]. i used the name river at the beginning because i’ve already used it before as the title of my debut ep [in italian] in 2012.

river was a sort of a collective of people made of videomakers, illustrators and musicians and during the 2015 we produced our first work, “sounds”. it was a collection of unplugged live covers performed and filmed in various locations such as a lost valley above the mountains of valle d’Aosta, or the suburbs of my own city, and a monumental graveyard too. i wanted to capture on screen the perfect combination between the sound of nature and the sound of the instruments working together.

in 2016 i produced my first ep with gabriele pallanca [genova records], “how to rebuild a pounding heart”. we produced together four songs and recorded them in various studios from milan to genova.

in 2017 i’ve recorded and produced by myself my second ep “into this morning mood”.  alone in a little house in the mountains, only with my guitar and a little audio interface.

by end of 2017 i’ve change the name of the project in f o l l o w t h e r i v e r and i’ve started a search of a different kind of sound for my songs, more electronic and minimalistic.

the results of this search are two songs released by the end of 2018, named "nocturnal // interlude" and “city of silences”.
produced by simone meneghelli, recorded by gabriele pallanca with a little team of musicians in the same little house in the mountains, mixed by gabriele at genova records and mastered by gianluca patrito at g-effect studio in turin. 

i wanted to find the perfect sound, stuck somewhere between bon iver's modern indie-folk and chet faker's electronic minimalism.

and i’m still searching.